New Camera Test

I have been taking photos and soliciting for photoshoots to post here.  It can be challenging to get photoshoots without being able to show my work.  Though I actually have years of experience in photography, I am only now seriously getting in to the business.  I’ve got thousands of photos, but many are family and environmental photos.

So here we are.  Tomorrow I’ll be taking my first photoshoot; arranged by a photography group I found for people just like me.  I’m psyched about it.  It’s an opportunity to learn from other experienced photographers in a supportive environment.

I’ve taken many photos since getting my Sony a6500 with a couple great prime lenses.  I haven’t done a true photoshoot.  All I have to show today are one random person that allowed me to take a photo and some delicious food photography.

Today I will do my first official photoshoot, and I’ll post those photos quickly.  See you soon.